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Hi guys, this week i’m going to preview a much anticipated NFC East division game. The Dallas Cowcoys at the Philadelphia Eagles.

These are teams with huge fan bases and it’s on prime time US television Sunday night. Of course it’s early monday morning here at 1am on Channel 4.

The Dallas Cowboys are known as Americas team. They play in the most expensive stadium ever built and they are owned by an oil baron Jerry Jones who is also their general manager in charge of signing and releasing players.

Jerry is known for spending big money signing exciting players and the Cowboys usually have a lot of great players on their team but in the last 15 years or so this has brought little success but it has created a lot of interest year in year out around them. They have a huge following possibly because of this but also because they’re in Texas, the largest state in the US. Their old stadium was even on the Dallas TV show. Their record coming into this game is 3-3 but the general feeling is they should have a better record because they threw away a couple of games.

Philadelphia are an interesting story this year because they made huge moves signing players in the off season. They spent huge money on big name signings. One of these signing who is only their 2nd choice quarterback Vince Young dubbed Philadelphia “The Deam team”. Because of this arrogance and because they are perceived as trying to buy success they almost instantly became a disliked team who everybody seems to be rooting against. They got off to a poor start this year and their record is 2-4. Despite this record I’m picking them to win this game and the player you should watch out for to make this happen is Michael Vick.

Michael Vick is the Philadelphia quarterback. He is no doubt the fastest quarterback that ever played the game. His speed is electrifying. When Vick came out of college he was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons and signed a huge long term $100 million contract. Her he played until 2006. In the summer of 2007 Vick was indicted for dog fighting. Vick is from the deep south where dog fighting although highly illegal is popular. He was running a dog fighting ring on his premises where a lot of dogs were killed cruelly and he got convicted of this in August 2007. Vick spent the next year and a half in jail. His NFL contracts were all voided and he went from being a $100 million athlete to being bankrupt and in jail. After Vick was released from prison he became one of the most polarising people in America. A lot of people wanted him to get a 2nd chance but a lot of other people wanted him to never again be allowed play.

The Philadelphia Eagles gave him a 2nd chance and they signed him for small money as it was thought he would never be the same player again after spending 18 months in jail away from the game. Michael Vick was the Eagles 3rd choice quarterback for his first year but after they traded away one of their quarterbacks the following off season and their other quarterback got injured in the season opener Vick got his big chance and he made the most of it. He played superbly for the rest of the season and he finished 2nd in MVP votes which is the NFLs most valuable player award.

Before the 2011 season Vick signed another $100 million contract this time with the Eagles and became the first player in history to sign two $100 million contracts.

Personally I’m conflicted. I’m a dog lover but at the same time I love watching him play. He’s is probably the most exciting player in the NFL to watch. He is definitely the player to watch in this game and here are some highlights to show you why.


Weekly Results

Hi guys if you can’t wait for me to put up the scores on the blog you should download the ESPN scorecentre app. I use it regularly because you get up to the minute scores. Here’s the link

This weeks results are

Monday 24 October, 2011

Jacksonville Jaguars 12 Baltimore Ravens 7,

Sunday 23 October, 2011

Carolina Panthers 33 Washington Redskins 20

Cleveland Browns 6 Seattle Seahawks 3

Detroit Lions 16 Atlanta Falcons 23

Miami Dolphins 15 Denver Broncos 18 (OT)

New York Jets 27 San Diego Chargers 21

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 18 Chicago Bears 24

Tennessee Titans 7 Houston Texans 41

Arizona Cardinals 20 Pittsburgh Steelers 32

Dallas Cowboys 34 St Louis Rams 7

Minnesota Vikings 27 Green Bay Packers 33

Oakland Raiders 0 Kansas City Chiefs 28

New Orleans Saints 62 Indianapolis Colts 7

As you can see the bears beat the bucs 24-18 in Wembley in front of a sell out crowd. If you were watching out for Matt Forte like I said, he didn’t disappoint. He ran for a touchdown and 145 yards and had a further 38 yards receiving giving him a total 183 yards of offence which was impressive to say the least. The bears were easily the better team and they move to a 3-2 record with the bucs dropping to a 3-2 record.

Also starting this week I’m going to put up a video of highlights from the weekends action.


Hi guys this week I’ll be talking about a game played on our side of the pond. The Tampa Bay buccaneers are taking on the Chicago Bears in Wembley Stadium in London.

It’s classed as a home game for Tampa Bay because they agreed to come to Wembley and host one of their home games over in London. It’s all part of the NFL trying to make their product a global one and market it more to countrys other than the US.

For three years in a row now Wembley have hosted a regular season game now and it’s likely that this trend will continue. It is no doubt an inconvenience for the two teams to travel that far to play, especially Tampa Bay who are giving up an all important home game. For their troubles it is likely that the teams were compensated probably with big brown envelopes under the table from the NFL. All kidding aside it is big business for the NFL who will have a full Wembley Stadium with over 90000 people crammed in to watch this extravaganza. A huge amount of money will be made from ticket sales but more importantly there will be more and more money made from merchandise which is all over London. There is a huge fanfare surrounding this game and below shows the list of entertainment on in London all weekend, it includes fan rallys and parties which will be attended by celebritys and ex NFL players and of course a tailgate party which is where people party at the backs of their cars in the car parks before the game. These parties generally involve lots of junk food and copious amounts of beer. What better way to prepare for a game.

Friday October 21, NFL Friday Night Lights, Trafalgar Square, 5:00-9:00 p.m

Saturday October 22, UK Talent Camp¸ London Soccerdome, Greenwich, 11:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Saturday October 23, Commissioner Fan Forum, Landmark Hotel, London, 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Saturday October 22, NFL Fan Rally, Trafalgar Square, 12 noon-5:00 p.m.

Sunday October 23, Wembley Stadium, Tailgate Party, 12noon-5:00 p.m.

As regards the game itself I’ll be watching out for number 22 Matt Forte the bears running back who is a really talented player up against an average Tampa Bay defense which is ranked 25th in the league this year. Forte is a great runner and is an exceptional receiver aswell which makes him a double threat as he can do damage against you running aswell as catching short passes in the backfield.

Weekly Results


Hi Guys. This weeks NFL results are as follows

NFL results
Tuesday,  18 October 2011
Miami Dolphins


New York Jets
Monday, 17 October 2011
Chicago Bears


Minnesota Vikings
Sunday, 16 October 2011
Atlanta Falcons


Carolina Panthers
Baltimore Ravens


Houston Texans
Cincinnati Bengals


Indianapolis Colts
Detroit Lions


San Francisco 49ers
Green Bay Packers


St Louis Rams
New England Patriots


Dallas Cowboys
New York Giants


Buffalo Bills
Oakland Raiders


Cleveland Browns
Pittsburgh Steelers


Jacksonville Jaguars
Tampa Bay Buccaneers


New Orleans Saints
Washington Redskins


Philadelphia Eagles

Hopefully you didn’t put too much money on Carolina to beat Atlanta like I suggested.

It was a very competitive game with Atlanta scoring a late touchdown to flatter them on the scoreboard.

Cam Newton did show off some of his skills rushing for a touchdown but he couldn’t do enough to get the win.

Carolina fall to a 1-5 record with Atlanta moving to 3-3.

Hi guys.

Hopefully by now you will have watched a game or two and are beginning to understand the basics.  Now i’ll start telling you what to watch out for in the games each week and tip you off as to what should be entertaining viewing.

As you can see I’ve tweeted this weekends televised NFL games.

The game I will be previewing is on at 6 on Sunday.  The Carolina panthers visiting the Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome.





Both of these teams play in the same division, the NFC south. So needless to say they are fierce rivals and there is no love lost between them.

The Falcons were one of the best teams in the league last year and are playing at home where their record over the last couple of seasons is excellent. For his reason they are fancied to come away with the win. They’re bookies odds are currently  10/19 while the Panthers odds are 8/5.  They both have losing records, Carolina are 1-4 (one win four losses), while Atlanta are 2-3.  Personally i think Carolina are a good bet this week for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is Atlanta’s relative lack of form.  Last year they relied heavily on their running back Michael turner but he hasn’t set the world alight the last few games, only gaining 50 yards per game the last three.  Also their defence isn’t up to the standards they played to last year allowing the opposing offences gain 294.2 passing yards per game average.

The second reason I fancy Carolina to win is their quarterback, Cam Newton

This guy is impressive. He stands 6 foot 6 inches tall and weighs 18 stone.  He runs the 40 yard dash in 4.5 seconds.  He looks more like he should be playing defensive end rather than quarterback.  Last year he won the Heissman trophy which is the award given to the best college player in the country. After he decided to turn pro he was then selected by Carolina  as the first overall pick in this years NFL draft. What a good chice it is proving to be.  What makes Newton impressive is his ability to make yardage by running when his throwing options break down. For such a big guy his speed is phenomenal.  Combine this with the fact he has already completed 113 passes gaining over 1600 yards and 12 touchdowns and you have the total package. One hell of a talent.

His favourite receiver is Steve Smith who is a veteran speedy receiver who is also having a great year mainly due to Newtons passing.

If Carolina are to win this game these two players are vital and i’ll be watching for these two players to cause Atlanta a lot of problems.

Weekly Results

Hi guys

The results from this week are as follows

NFL results

Tuesday, 11 October 2011
Detroit Lions 24-13 Chicago Bears
Monday, 10 October 2011
Atlanta Falcons 14-25 Green Bay Packers
Sunday, 9 October 2011
Buffalo Bills 31-24 Philadelphia Eagles
Carolina Panthers 27-30 New Orleans Saints
Denver Broncos 24-29 San Diego Chargers
Houston Texans 20-25 Oakland Raiders
Indianapolis Colts 24-28 Kansas City Chiefs
Jacksonville Jaguars 20-30 Cincinnati Bengals
Minnesota Vikings 34-10 Arizona Cardinals
New England Patriots 30-21 New York Jets
New York Giants 25-36 Seattle Seahawks
Pittsburgh Steelers 38-17 Tennessee Titans
San Francisco 49ers 48-3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I’ve also put an NFL news RSS feed on my blog. Here you can get up to date information about your team.

Hi guys

In this blog I’m going to try and tell you about the game itself. I will tell you about the rules and the players.

First I’ll tell you about the field

The field is 100 yards long between the end zones with each yard individually marked out. End zones are 10 yards long.  The goalposts are on the outside edge of end zones.

The object of the game is to get the ball into the oppositions end zone, either by running with the ball or throwing it to a team mate downfield.

The game is played over four fifteen minute quarters with each team having eleven players on the field at any time.

Each team is broken up into three separate units. The offence, the defence and special teams. The players on one of these three units will not usually play with another e.g. an offence player will not play defence.

The offence plays against the someone else’s defence and the defence plays against someone else’s offence. The special teams come into play when you need to kick the ball which I will explain later.

The game starts with one special teams unit (kicking team) kicking to the opposing special teams unit (receiving team). A receiving team player will catch the ball and run back until tackled and brought to ground. Wherever this runner is brought to the ground is where the offence takes over.

The offence needs to move the ball forward in chunks of at least 10 yards, which is why the pitch has yardage markings.

They have four chances called downs to gain those 10 yards.

If for example the offence starts at the 20 yard line, the play will be 1st down and 10 from the 20 yard line. Meaning Ist down and 10 yards to go to get to target. If say their offence only advances the ball 4 yards in their first down, it will then be 2nd down and 6 from the 24.

When the ball has advanced to the 30 yard line another first down is earned, with four more chances to go a further 10 yards. Note whether the ball gets to the 30 in one down or in four doesn’t matter, when you get there, you get to 1st and 10 once again.

Again using the above example if it’s 2nd down and 6 from the 24 yard line and you advance the ball say 8 yards you will now be at the 32 yard line. This means you’ve gotten past your 30 yard line target and now you will be 1st down and 10 again this time starting from the 32. Your target for a new first down will now be 42

If the offensive team fails to move 10 yards within four downs, possession is surrendered, although the ball is usually kicked(punted) to the defending team.


The scoring is broken down as follows

Touchdown (6 points)

A touchdown is scored when a team crosses the opposition’s goal line with the ball, or catches or collects the ball in the end zone.

Field goal (3 points)

These are usually attempted on fourth down if the kicker is close enough to the end zone to kick the ball through the posts, or uprights.

Extra point (1 or 2 points)

A point is earned by kicking the ball through the uprights after a touchdown (similar to a rugby conversion). Two points are earned by taking the ball into the end zone again.

Safety (2 points)

Awarded to the defensive team when a member of the offensive team is tackled with the ball in his own end zone.


Finally I’m going to tell you about the players and positions.


8 – Quarterback – by far the most important position.  On every play the ball is either handed or thrown to the quarterback which is called the snap. This is done by the Centre. The quarterback can decide whether he wants to run with the ball, hand it to his running back or throw it downfield to his receivers. His decision is usually made by the coach who signals it to the quarterback.

Most quarterbacks are very tall, most are 6’3 or over which helps see the field better and have strong arms for throwing downfield.

Offensive linemen (fatties)

4 –  Centre – snaps the ball to quarterback and then has to block defensive players either to make space for the running back or to give the quarterback more time to throw it.

3 & 5 –  Guard – these guys are blockers similar to the centre.

2 & 6 –  Tackle – again these guys are blockers but these have a more important job than the guards because they protect the quarterback from defensive players rushing from the outside which the quarterback can’t see. The left tackle is one of the best paid positions in the league because he protects the quarterbacks blind side. A good left tackle is vital.

Offensive linemen especially tackles are huge men. Usually 6’3 to 6’7 and usually weighing over 23 stone. Some are up to 26 stone. These guys have to be incredibly strong and usually lift huge weights from a young age to be better players. Also despite their enormous size the have to have quick feet and have good technique to excel at their positions. They are surprisingly good athletes for their size.

1 & 11 –  Wide receivers – receivers are usually very quick. They get downfield and try to catch balls thrown by the quarterback. They train by running exact routes on the field down to inches and have to have their timing in sync with the quarterback. Some receivers are not so quick. They are big tall strong guys who use their size to go up and make catches in the air and who can also make extra yardage after the catch by using their big bodies to break through tackles.

7 – Tight end – a tight end is like a receiver but they are generally bigger guys because their job involves more blocking and more physical contact than the receiver because they play in the middle of the field where most of the defensive traffic is.

Tight ends are generally tall and strong (over 18 stone and 6’4 and taller)

10 – Running back –  Running backs are the players who are behind the quarterback and who the quarterback will hand the ball off to if the play is a running play. Running backs need to be able to run fast, but they also must be big and strong enough to break tackles. Running backs also catch passes sometimes so they need to be able to catch the ball as well. And they will sometimes stay in the backfield when the play is a pass play and block to help protect the quarterback.

Running backs are rarely small. Most will weigh over 15 stone and you will see ones up to 19 stone which is remarkable for guys that need to be fast.

9 – Fullback – fullback is the main blocker for the running back. He tries to move people to clear a path for the running back to run through.

These guys are usually very powerful.


2 & 8 – Safety – the safety job is varied. The safety can make his own mind up on any play on whether he thinks he needs to go and stop a runner from running or stop a receiver catching a ball.

Safeties need to be quick enough to keep up with receivers and strong enough to tackle running backs.

4,5,6 & 7 – Linebackers – Linebackers job is to tackle the running back if he gets past the Defensive Linemen or if there is a short pass play he will try to break up the pass or tackle whoever has caught the ball.

1 & 3 – Corner Backs – Corner Backs cover the wide receiver and try to keep the wide receivers from catching the pass from the quarterback and keep them from gaining a lot of yards.

They are often the fastest guys on the field. Some are fast enough to be professional sprinters

9 & 11 – Defensive Ends – The Defensive End will try to get past the Offensive Linemen to tackle or “sack” the Quarterback on a pass play or tackle the running back. These guys are usually also very large people, but since they need to be quick and fast they are not as big as Offensive linemen, as a general rule.

In my opinion these are one of the most impressive athletes. Most are 20 stone but have incredible bursts of quickness.

10 – Nose Guard – The Nose Guard lines up right in front of the center and his job is to block up the middle and help the tackles stop the run. Also if there was not a nose guard the Quarterback could just hand the ball back to the center and the center could run with it. The nose guard keeps this from happening.

Special teams

Special teams play a small but vital role. They come onto the field to execute field goal or extra point attempts, and when the team wants to punt the ball downfield on fourth down.

They are also responsible for trying to block the opposition’s kicks and punts, as well as attempting to return them as far as possible in the other direction.

All this information might be a bit much to take at once so I’ve posted a video below which may be a little easier to follow.

If you’re interested though, my advice would be to watch the games that are televised and it should became clearer as the games are played out.

My twitter feed is displayed alongside my blog which will tell you what games are televised in the UK and Ireland each week.

My NFL Blog

Hi there. My name is Barry.

While visiting America many years ago I noticed how incredibly popular the game of American football was. Growing up I had always thought of American football as a slow moving game played by players who weren’t the best of athletes. Putting my childhood impression of the game aside I decided to watch a game or two to see what all the Americans were fussing about. When the rules were explained to me I quickly realised my impression of the game was nothing like reality. I developed a real liking for the game and am now in fact a huge fan.

Over the next number of weeks I’m going to blog about the game and maybe show some of you my current impression of the game. A highly strategic game played by superb athletes of all sizes (mostly large).

My initial blogs will be about the rules and objectives of the game. Hopefully you will start to learn about how the game is played and be able to watch a game without feeling like your watching Einstein discussing astro physics.

Once I’ve explained the rules of the game I’ll get onto profiling players and previewing games. Some of the best athletes in the world play this game and I will be telling you about these athletes and advising you on what games to watch and what players to look out for in these games. Games are televised every Sunday with one Monday night game every week also.

I look forward to talking about this game with you and I hope I can open your eyes and turn you into a fanatic of one of the greatest sports in the world.

ps. If you don’t believe me about these guys being good athletes here’s a clip of a guy called Barry Sanders who retired in 1998. A freakish athlete who played as a running back for the Detroit lions.