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Useful Technology

Hi guys, the NFL UK has a great website for following this sport. The feature I like the most in it is the fantasy football game. Basically fantasy football involves any person that wishes to enter, pick their own team of players. Each individual player has a monetary value assigned by the website moderators. The players can be taken from any team, the only restriction is that there is a limit on the amount of money you can spend. Therefore, you can’t fill your team with all the best players in the league. You have to mix and match.  Points are then assigned for every yard that is gained by each player and every touchdown that is scored and so on. It’s a great way of getting yourself more interested in the game bacause you can have a player in each game to follow. Her’s the link

There is also a great feature on the website which is a video tutorial on the game. It is based around a fictional team and is interactive. It allows the user to play along with the coach called Coach Stilo. Here’s the link


Helpful Technologies

Hi guys, if you’re interested in following particular teams or you want to be able to record any game on your PC in high definition, have a great feature called “NFL Gamepass”. This allows you to watch any game of your choice at the weekend and even watch NFL Redzone which gives you the exciting parts of every game in a live show every Sunday. It also has a feature of condensing games into shorter time periods, roughly about 30 minutes by cutting out delays like ad breaks. Here’s the link 

Also I’m copying the various technologies I’ve mentioned in the blog on this post so you can easily locate them.

I’ve also come across another very good app if you’re still trying to get to grips with the rules of the game. It’s designed for kids but it does simplify the game for us over here who haven’t grown up watching it. It’s created by Kurt Warner who is a former season MVP and a  former Superbowl winning quarterback. It’s called football 101 and here’s the link

Hi guys if you can’t wait for me to put up the scores on the blog you should download the ESPN scorecentre app. I use it regularly because you get up to the minute scores. Here’s the link