Hi guys. This week I’ll be previewing the Sunday match up of the Superbowl Champion Green Bay Packers taking on the San Diego Chargers in Quallcom Stadium in San Diego. It’s being shown on Sky Sports 2 at 9pm on Sunday.

This is a match up of two teams who have aspirations to get into the playoffs. Green Bay are one of the best teams in the NFL to watch because they are a high scoring exciting offence. For this reason I’ll be shouting for them and I’ll be watching out for their quarterback number 12 Aaron Rodgers who is probably the best player in the league right now.

Rodgers is a great player to watch. He is probably the best pure thrower of the ball in the league. This year he is playing particularly well. He’s after throwing for over 2300 yards, 20 touchdowns and only 3 interceptions. Quarterbacks are often judged on passer rating which is a statistic that takes into account yards thrown for, interceptions and touchdowns. Rodgers has not only the best rating in the league this year but he has to date the best career passer rating in the history of the league. All statistics aside even someone that hasn’t watched much NFL could tell that Rodgers is a special player.

Quarterbacks throw the football by spinning it out of their hands. This way it cuts through the air more aerodynamically. This is called a spiral. If you want to see exactly how they throw the ball here’s a link to watch a video on it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pq7ax9xQrE0&feature=results_video&playnext=1&list=PL60BCF77B65EB9170 . Rodgers is not the biggest or strongest quarterback but his spiral is in my opinion hands down the best in the NFL. Even when he’s throwing on the run he can still throw a bullet of a pass. Just watch out for this on Sunday.

Another reason I pull for Rodgers is because of his history. He was supposed to be a high draft pick coming out of college. Rodgers is 6 foot 2 and 16 stone which is smaller than the average quarterback which experts say is a disadvantage because it might be more difficult to see the field over their huge offensive linemen. Many including Rodgers himself believe that this was the reason that on draft day as the whole country watched, he embarrassingly fell lower and lower in the draft before finally being drafted by Green Bay with the 24th pick. At the time Green Bay already had a great quarterback, Brett Favre, but as Favre was in his mid 30s, they drafted Rodgers to be his successor. This turned out to be an ugly situation as Favre did not like the fact they were picking someone to replace him. Rodgers had 3 seasons to learn from him and when Favre finally retired it all looked like it was going to plan for Rodgers. That was until Favre decided to come out of retirement to play another year. Favre was a big fan favourite and when Green Bay decided they wanted to move on with Rodgers instead of the ever popular Favre, lots of fans turned against Rodgers and made it incredibly difficult for him to succeed. Rodgers never bad mouthed Favre and always seemed to say the right thing and eventually he won over the Green Bay fans. Over the next three years Rodgers has become arguably the best player in the league and became a Superbowl MVP when he led his Packers to beat Pittsburgh last year.

What also makes Rodgers so tough for Defences to handle is like Mike Vick who I talked about last week, Rodgers has the ability to run as well as pass. He may not be able to run as well as Vick can but he can run enough to get himself out of trouble when necessary and his throwing is far superior to Vick. This year many pundits are saying that Rodgers is playing the quarterback position as well as it has ever been played and personally I love watching him play. Here are some of his highlights. Check out the bullet of a throw at 1:19 in the video.