Hi guys, this week i’m going to preview a much anticipated NFC East division game. The Dallas Cowcoys at the Philadelphia Eagles.

These are teams with huge fan bases and it’s on prime time US television Sunday night. Of course it’s early monday morning here at 1am on Channel 4.

The Dallas Cowboys are known as Americas team. They play in the most expensive stadium ever built and they are owned by an oil baron Jerry Jones who is also their general manager in charge of signing and releasing players.

Jerry is known for spending big money signing exciting players and the Cowboys usually have a lot of great players on their team but in the last 15 years or so this has brought little success but it has created a lot of interest year in year out around them. They have a huge following possibly because of this but also because they’re in Texas, the largest state in the US. Their old stadium was even on the Dallas TV show. Their record coming into this game is 3-3 but the general feeling is they should have a better record because they threw away a couple of games.

Philadelphia are an interesting story this year because they made huge moves signing players in the off season. They spent huge money on big name signings. One of these signing who is only their 2nd choice quarterback Vince Young dubbed Philadelphia “The Deam team”. Because of this arrogance and because they are perceived as trying to buy success they almost instantly became a disliked team who everybody seems to be rooting against. They got off to a poor start this year and their record is 2-4. Despite this record I’m picking them to win this game and the player you should watch out for to make this happen is Michael Vick.

Michael Vick is the Philadelphia quarterback. He is no doubt the fastest quarterback that ever played the game. His speed is electrifying. When Vick came out of college he was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons and signed a huge long term $100 million contract. Her he played until 2006. In the summer of 2007 Vick was indicted for dog fighting. Vick is from the deep south where dog fighting although highly illegal is popular. He was running a dog fighting ring on his premises where a lot of dogs were killed cruelly and he got convicted of this in August 2007. Vick spent the next year and a half in jail. His NFL contracts were all voided and he went from being a $100 million athlete to being bankrupt and in jail. After Vick was released from prison he became one of the most polarising people in America. A lot of people wanted him to get a 2nd chance but a lot of other people wanted him to never again be allowed play.

The Philadelphia Eagles gave him a 2nd chance and they signed him for small money as it was thought he would never be the same player again after spending 18 months in jail away from the game. Michael Vick was the Eagles 3rd choice quarterback for his first year but after they traded away one of their quarterbacks the following off season and their other quarterback got injured in the season opener Vick got his big chance and he made the most of it. He played superbly for the rest of the season and he finished 2nd in MVP votes which is the NFLs most valuable player award.

Before the 2011 season Vick signed another $100 million contract this time with the Eagles and became the first player in history to sign two $100 million contracts.

Personally I’m conflicted. I’m a dog lover but at the same time I love watching him play. He’s is probably the most exciting player in the NFL to watch. He is definitely the player to watch in this game and here are some highlights to show you why.