Hi there. My name is Barry.

While visiting America many years ago I noticed how incredibly popular the game of American football was. Growing up I had always thought of American football as a slow moving game played by players who weren’t the best of athletes. Putting my childhood impression of the game aside I decided to watch a game or two to see what all the Americans were fussing about. When the rules were explained to me I quickly realised my impression of the game was nothing like reality. I developed a real liking for the game and am now in fact a huge fan.

Over the next number of weeks I’m going to blog about the game and maybe show some of you my current impression of the game. A highly strategic game played by superb athletes of all sizes (mostly large).

My initial blogs will be about the rules and objectives of the game. Hopefully you will start to learn about how the game is played and be able to watch a game without feeling like your watching Einstein discussing astro physics.

Once I’ve explained the rules of the game I’ll get onto profiling players and previewing games. Some of the best athletes in the world play this game and I will be telling you about these athletes and advising you on what games to watch and what players to look out for in these games. Games are televised every Sunday with one Monday night game every week also.

I look forward to talking about this game with you and I hope I can open your eyes and turn you into a fanatic of one of the greatest sports in the world.

ps. If you don’t believe me about these guys being good athletes here’s a clip of a guy called Barry Sanders who retired in 1998. A freakish athlete who played as a running back for the Detroit lions.