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Thanksgiving Football

Hi, guys, This week America celebrates Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is an American national holiday that’s celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November every year. It’s a day in which not unlike our Christmas, people traditionally eat Turkey and watch TV all day. Every Thanksgiving the NFL schedules 3 games. One is hosted by the Detroit Lions, another is hosted by the Dallas Cowboys and the third which is only being played since 2006 is played by no fixed opponents. This year Detroit host Green Bay, Dallas host Miami and Baltimore host the San Francisco 49ers. I’m going to talk to you about the Detroit vs Green Bay game.

This is a highly anticipated game played by two heavyweights of the NFC north division. Green Bay as I’ve talked about are the reigning Superbowl champions and are considered the best team in the league. Detroit are the new kids on the block. They started 5-0 this year and after years of poor records they now look to be real contenders. They’ve succeeded in turning around their team by using their high draft picks well. They drafted their quarterback Matthew Stafford number one overall and they drafted their beast defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh number two overall. Their star player this year however is who I’m going to tell you about, their wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

Calvin Johnson is an amazing athlete. Hs nickname is “megatron” because of his unhuman talent. He has an unmatched combination of size, hands, speed, strength and leaping ability. He was chosen as the second overall pick in 2007. He is 6 foot 5 inches tall and weighs 16 stone. In the NFL combine he ran the 40 yard dash in 4.35 seconds which is amazing speed for the size of the guy. Since he came into the league he’s consistently made incredible catches. He’s caught 44 touchdowns since his NFL debut in 2007. Up until this year Johnson was known as just a good receiver but this year his career has taken off to a new level and many believe he’s now living up to his talent and could be the best receiver in the league. His catching ability makes him a nightmare to cover for any cornerback. This video showcases some of his amazing talents.

In the game once again Green Bay have to be fancies and lots of experts are tipping them to go undefeated this year  but if they are to be beaten, the Detroit Lions have the means to do it. Their head coach Jim Schwarz seems to have instilled a toughness in them this year. Some would even call their play dirty. They may have a mean streak in them but this makes them more interesting to watch as far as I’m concerned. None of their players play with more intensity than Ndamukong Suh, their defensive tackle. Suh has a reputation for living on the edge and is after receiving multiple fines from the league for dangerous hits. Suh and his defence along with Johnson and his quarterback Stafford are most definitely going to let Green Bay know they’re in for a game.

It is highly possible that these teams could meet again in the playoffs but they’ll most definitely want to get one up on the other and I’m anticipating a cracker.


Hi guys, the NFL UK has a great website for following this sport. The feature I like the most in it is the fantasy football game. Basically fantasy football involves any person that wishes to enter, pick their own team of players. Each individual player has a monetary value assigned by the website moderators. The players can be taken from any team, the only restriction is that there is a limit on the amount of money you can spend. Therefore, you can’t fill your team with all the best players in the league. You have to mix and match.  Points are then assigned for every yard that is gained by each player and every touchdown that is scored and so on. It’s a great way of getting yourself more interested in the game bacause you can have a player in each game to follow. Her’s the link

There is also a great feature on the website which is a video tutorial on the game. It is based around a fictional team and is interactive. It allows the user to play along with the coach called Coach Stilo. Here’s the link

Hi guys, this weeks results are as follows

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

New England Patriots 34-3 Kansas City Chiefs
Monday, 21 November 2011
New York Giants 10-17 Philadelphia Eagles
Sunday, 20 November 2011
Atlanta Falcons 23-17 Tennessee Titans
Baltimore Ravens 31-24 Cincinnati Bengals
Chicago Bears 31-20 San Diego Chargers
Cleveland Browns 14-10 Jacksonville Jaguars
Detroit Lions 49-35 Carolina Panthers
Green Bay Packers 35-26 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Miami Dolphins 35-8 Buffalo Bills
Minnesota Vikings 21-27 Oakland Raiders
San Francisco 49ers 23-7 Arizona Cardinals
St Louis Rams 7-24 Seattle Seahawks
Washington Redskins 24-27 Dallas Cowboys

As you can see the Ravens Bengals game turned out to be higher scoring than I expected. The Ravens performed well defensively in the first half, forcing the Bengals to punt six times. Overall the Ravens who were without their inspirational leader Ray Lewis who was ruled out late due to injury, picked off three interceptions which accounted for two of their touchdowns.

Here’s a video of the weeks best plays

Hi guys this week I’ll be previewing the Sunday match up of the Cincinnatti Bengals at the Baltimore Ravens which is on Sky Sports 3 at 6pm.

This will probably be a defensively dominated game played by two excellent teams. The Bengals come in with a record of 6-3. The Ravens also have a 6-3 record. I personally fancy the Ravens in this game and it’s the perfect opportunity to tell you about a player on the defensive side of the ball for a change. I’ve chosen future Hall of Fame Linebacker, number 52 Ray Lewis.

When all is said and done Ray Lewis will probably go down as the greatest linebacker ever to play the game. Lewis is one of my favourite players to watch because he is a born leader. From time to time he is shown on TV trying to fire up and motivate his team before kick off. This is a sight to behold. The passion he puts into the game is unmatched by anyone in the league.

Lewis stands 6 foot 1 and weighs 18 stone. This fairly typical for a linebacker but what sets good linebackers apart from average ones is their ability to read what the opposing offenses are going to do. For most it’s a bit of a guessing game but for the good ones it becomes almost instinct. At 36, Ray Lewis is one of the oldest players in the league but he is the best example you will find of this. You will see Lewis shouting instructions at his team mates immediately before every play in anticipation of what the opposing team is going to do. He claims himself he gains more knowledge every year and his play certainly doesn’t contradict this. He is the only player in league history to have over 30 sacks and over 30 interceptions. His knowledge along with his obvious physical abilities make him much feared by any offensive player. He plays like he has a blatant disregard for his own and anyone elses health and he dishes out some vicious hits week in week out. I found a great video here to showcasing his talents.

Ray Lewis Intensity

In Sundays game look out for Lewis along with mammoth defensive tackle Haloti Ngata and with ball hawk Safety Ed Reed.

Ngata and Reed are also players who are among the best in the game in their respective positions. These three players make Baltimore a tough team to beat in any situation.

Weekly results

Hi guys this weeks results are as follows

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Minnesota Vikings 7-45 Green Bay Packers

Monday, 14 November 2011

New York Jets 16-37 New England Patriots
Sunday, 13 November 2011
Atlanta Falcons 23-26 New Orleans Saints
Carolina Panthers 3-30 Tennessee Titans
Chicago Bears 37-13 Detroit Lions
Cincinnati Bengals 17-24 Pittsburgh Steelers
Cleveland Browns 12-13 St Louis Rams
Dallas Cowboys 44-7 Buffalo Bills
Indianapolis Colts 3-17 Jacksonville Jaguars
Kansas City Chiefs 10-17 Denver Broncos
Miami Dolphins 20-9 Washington Redskins
Philadelphia Eagles 17-21 Arizona Cardinals
San Francisco 49ers 27-20 New York Giants
Seattle Seahawks 22-17 Baltimore Ravens
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9-37 Houston Texans
Thursday, 10 November 2011
San Diego Chargers 17-24 Oakland Raiders

As you can see the Packers proved way to strong for the Vikings. Aaron Rodgers and crew move to a 9-0 record with the Vikings dropping to 2-7. Despite running for a touchdown, it wasn’t the greatest of days for Adrian Peterson. The Packers did a great job defending him and held him to 51 yards rushing.  The Packers look almost unstoppable right now.

Here’s a video of this weeks top plays

Helpful Technologies

Hi guys, if you’re interested in following particular teams or you want to be able to record any game on your PC in high definition, have a great feature called “NFL Gamepass”. This allows you to watch any game of your choice at the weekend and even watch NFL Redzone which gives you the exciting parts of every game in a live show every Sunday. It also has a feature of condensing games into shorter time periods, roughly about 30 minutes by cutting out delays like ad breaks. Here’s the link 

Also I’m copying the various technologies I’ve mentioned in the blog on this post so you can easily locate them.

I’ve also come across another very good app if you’re still trying to get to grips with the rules of the game. It’s designed for kids but it does simplify the game for us over here who haven’t grown up watching it. It’s created by Kurt Warner who is a former season MVP and a  former Superbowl winning quarterback. It’s called football 101 and here’s the link

Hi guys if you can’t wait for me to put up the scores on the blog you should download the ESPN scorecentre app. I use it regularly because you get up to the minute scores. Here’s the link

Hi guys, this week I’m going to be previewing the Monday night match up with the Minnesota Vikings travelling to the Wisconsin’s Green Bay Packers.

As I wrote last week the Green Bay Packers are probably the best team in the league and they will be heavy favourites to win this game. They have a perfect 8-0 record while Minnesota are coming in with a 2-6 record. It is likely that Green Bay will win this game but the main reason I’m previewing this game is because it involves Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.

Last week I wrote about Aaron Rodgers as the best quarterback in the league and he will be on view in this game but what I am going to tell you about is, in my opinion the best running back in the league Adrian Peterson.

Peterson is as an impressive athlete as there is in the game. He stands 6 foot 2 and weighs just under 16 stone. He may not be the biggest back in the league but he runs really hard meaning he’s a real physical player and relishes contact. Combine this with the fact that he can run the 40 yard dash in 4.4 seconds and he can switch direction on a dime as they say in the states. End result is your perfect prototype running back. What makes Peterson so good is that he can run over you and he can also run past you. He has a very rare combination of power and speed. He was chosen with the 7th pick of the 2007 draft. The reason he fell to 7th was the fact that he suffered some injuries in his final year in college and teams believed that he mightn’t be the most durable player but so far in his career he has stayed relatively injury free considering the physicality of the running back position. He earned the nickname AD which stands for All Day because of the enormous effort he seems to put into his play. Many say that Peterson developed a tough style of running because of his tough childhood. He lost his brother who was hit by a drunk driver when Peterson was 9 years old. When Peterson was thirteen, his father was arrested for laundering money for a crack cocaine ring.

This year Peterson signed a new contract with the Vikings worth a reported $100 which made him at the time the top paid running back in the league. Personally I think he was worth every penny as he is extremely consistent player and always a fan favourite to sell tickets and jerseys.

It’s going to be extremely difficult for Minnesota to beat Green Bay on their home turf but if they are to do it you would have to think the main reason would be Adrian Peterson. What you’ll see in this video is the reason why

Weekly Round-up

Hi guys this weeks results are as follows

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Philadelphia Eagles 24-30 Chicago Bears
Monday, 7 November 2011
Pittsburgh Steelers 20-23 Baltimore Ravens
Sunday, 6 November 2011
Arizona Cardinals 19-13 St Louis Rams
Buffalo Bills 11-27 New York Jets
Dallas Cowboys 23-13 Seattle Seahawks
Houston Texans 30-12 Cleveland Browns
Indianapolis Colts 7-31 Atlanta Falcons
Kansas City Chiefs 3-31 Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots 20-24 New York Giants
New Orleans Saints 27-16 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Oakland Raiders 24-38 Denver Broncos
San Diego Chargers 38-45 Green Bay Packers
Tennessee Titans 17-24 Cincinnati Bengals
Washington Redskins 11-19 San Francisco 49ers

As you can see the Green Bay Packers defeated the San Diego Chargers in a high scoring shootout 45-38.

Another awesome performance from Aaron Rodgers in which he completed 21 of 26 passes, throwing for 247 yards and 4 touchdowns. His tally is up to an NFL high 24 touchdowns with an NFL low 3 interceptions. He proved yesterday again that he is the best quarterback in the NFL. He is playing quite simply as well as the position can played. If you were to watch one player and no other for the rest of the year Rodgers would be the player I would recommend.

Here is a video of the weekends highlights

Hi guys. This week I’ll be previewing the Sunday match up of the Superbowl Champion Green Bay Packers taking on the San Diego Chargers in Quallcom Stadium in San Diego. It’s being shown on Sky Sports 2 at 9pm on Sunday.

This is a match up of two teams who have aspirations to get into the playoffs. Green Bay are one of the best teams in the NFL to watch because they are a high scoring exciting offence. For this reason I’ll be shouting for them and I’ll be watching out for their quarterback number 12 Aaron Rodgers who is probably the best player in the league right now.

Rodgers is a great player to watch. He is probably the best pure thrower of the ball in the league. This year he is playing particularly well. He’s after throwing for over 2300 yards, 20 touchdowns and only 3 interceptions. Quarterbacks are often judged on passer rating which is a statistic that takes into account yards thrown for, interceptions and touchdowns. Rodgers has not only the best rating in the league this year but he has to date the best career passer rating in the history of the league. All statistics aside even someone that hasn’t watched much NFL could tell that Rodgers is a special player.

Quarterbacks throw the football by spinning it out of their hands. This way it cuts through the air more aerodynamically. This is called a spiral. If you want to see exactly how they throw the ball here’s a link to watch a video on it . Rodgers is not the biggest or strongest quarterback but his spiral is in my opinion hands down the best in the NFL. Even when he’s throwing on the run he can still throw a bullet of a pass. Just watch out for this on Sunday.

Another reason I pull for Rodgers is because of his history. He was supposed to be a high draft pick coming out of college. Rodgers is 6 foot 2 and 16 stone which is smaller than the average quarterback which experts say is a disadvantage because it might be more difficult to see the field over their huge offensive linemen. Many including Rodgers himself believe that this was the reason that on draft day as the whole country watched, he embarrassingly fell lower and lower in the draft before finally being drafted by Green Bay with the 24th pick. At the time Green Bay already had a great quarterback, Brett Favre, but as Favre was in his mid 30s, they drafted Rodgers to be his successor. This turned out to be an ugly situation as Favre did not like the fact they were picking someone to replace him. Rodgers had 3 seasons to learn from him and when Favre finally retired it all looked like it was going to plan for Rodgers. That was until Favre decided to come out of retirement to play another year. Favre was a big fan favourite and when Green Bay decided they wanted to move on with Rodgers instead of the ever popular Favre, lots of fans turned against Rodgers and made it incredibly difficult for him to succeed. Rodgers never bad mouthed Favre and always seemed to say the right thing and eventually he won over the Green Bay fans. Over the next three years Rodgers has become arguably the best player in the league and became a Superbowl MVP when he led his Packers to beat Pittsburgh last year.

What also makes Rodgers so tough for Defences to handle is like Mike Vick who I talked about last week, Rodgers has the ability to run as well as pass. He may not be able to run as well as Vick can but he can run enough to get himself out of trouble when necessary and his throwing is far superior to Vick. This year many pundits are saying that Rodgers is playing the quarterback position as well as it has ever been played and personally I love watching him play. Here are some of his highlights. Check out the bullet of a throw at 1:19 in the video.

Weekly Results

Hi guys, this weeks results are as follows

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

San Diego Chargers 20-23 Kansas City Chiefs

Monday, 31 October 2011

Dallas Cowboys 7-34 Philadelphia Eagles

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Baltimore Ravens 30-27 Arizona Cardinals
Buffalo Bills 23-0 Washington Redskins
Carolina Panthers 21-24 Minnesota Vikings
Denver Broncos 10-45 Detroit Lions
Houston Texans 24-14 Jacksonville Jaguars
New York Giants 20-17 Miami Dolphins
Pittsburgh Steelers 25-17 New England Patriots
San Francisco 49ers 20-10 Cleveland Browns
Seattle Seahawks 12-34 Cincinnati Bengals
St Louis Rams 31-21 New Orleans Saints
Tennessee Titans 27-10 Indianapolis Colts

The Eagles Cowboys game turned out to be pretty one sided. The Mike Vick led Eagles outclassed the Cowboys pretty much from start to finish. Vick played solidly completing 21 out of his 28 passes for 278 yards and 2 touchdowns and also ran for another 50 yards but the star of the show was his running back LeSean McCoy who ran for 185 yards. The Eagles seem to be finally playing like their talent would suggest and they have every chance of winning their division after a very shaky start.

Here’s a video of some of the highlight plays of the week.

I’ve also come across another very good app if you’re still trying to get to grips with the rules of the game. It’s designed for kids but it does simplify the game for us over here who haven’t grown up watching it. It’s created by Kurt Warner who is a former season MVP and a  former Superbowl winning quarterback. It’s called football 101 and here’s the link